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One of the most important things virtually everyone has today is storage space. Although this device can be invisible or small, it helps you keep your relevant documents, files, precious images and videos.
However, many people sometimes experience loss of some files or documents or the images and videos getting corrupted when the storage device becomes full or damaged.
Thus, if you are using this storage device for personal or commercial use, it is vital to look for a storage device that has a lot of space and can take a lot of files in it with easy accessibility. File hosting providers online are the right choice for you.
One of the best online file hosting providers is where you can keep all your files with the assurance that they are safe and accessible anytime you want them. This article has been written to do to a review of premium account.
Therefore, it would give details information on what is, its advanced feature, why you need to give a try, what to expect in a premium account, what speed you will enjoy with a premium account and how to get a premium.

What is is one of the file hosting providers that you will find online today and which has the capability of providing online storage that is also known as wireless backup capacity. It is a popular file hosting service that allows you to upload, download and even send different files either large or small without any difficulties.
Also, this hosting provider will enable you to upload and share things such as images, music, movies, documents, and others with your family members, friends, and other people who are internet users. With a you can host files, images, videos, audio and flash at the same location.
Another thing that makes this file hosting provider unique is that it is known for a sophisticated uploading and downloading platform and tool for a long period. does not only allow you to access your stored files from anywhere in the world without any difficulties but also make it simple for you to host a full spectrum of data types, ranging from videos, images, audio, flash and so on.
Getting this provider is simple and easy, without any stress. All you need to do is to sign up for their account, provide a well reliable email, password and date of birth in other to keep your account safe. Likewise, you can also sign up for this account on your various social media apps and platforms such as Google Plus, Facebook, or Twitter account.

Advanced Feature

Unlike other file hosting providers, is a cloud storage provider which provide your data storage in a remote file centre. Since it is a cloud storage provider, it allows users to clear up space on their computer and at the same time enlarge their hard drive capacity into virtual space.
Also, this file hosting provider does not select any type of data to be saved on it, and it gives users with the opportunity to store any data on the internet which can be kinds of music, images, excel, spreadsheets, word documents, and others. Another advanced feature of that you would love is that you can store any file size either small or large on it and you can be sure that it would not pose any problem of any sort. allows you to share stored files among your family members and friends without any difficulties, and you do not need to be close with them as you can do this wherever you are in the world.
Although the significant benefit you would derive from this file hosting provider is the remote file hosting, you would be able to enjoy another service such as file sharing and file synchronisation which is known to be a mechanism that allows the users to share files on one device to another easily.
That is, irrespective of the device you are using or sharing too; you will be able to find your stored video, documents, images, and others. Similarly, with this file synchronisation, you can edit any document, images, videos, audios, and so on.

Why you need to give a try is an online file hosting provider that helps you to store up and share data with full backup and accessibility. Thus, apart from this, here are some few reasons that make one of the best file hosting providers available.


One of the reasons you are keeping this file online is to be able to get it wherever and whenever you are. With, you can easily access your files, documents, audios, videos and other online through any means which can be a computer, mobile phone or tablet.
All you just need to do is to sign up into your account with good internet connection are everything you need is just here there with you.

Maximum Safety

Another primary reason which will surely convince you to use has your file hosting provider is that is safe. This provider gives you a 100% safety guaranteed. It is known to provide the highest protection levels and at the same time, make it possible that your files are protected and safe.
With this provider, you need no worries about losing your documents, pictures, and others as it purports that your data are secured.

Use Anytime

As already discussed earlier, this file hosting provide allows users to have full access to their stored files whenever they require it without any difficulty. That is, you can save or share files with your family members and friends at any time of the day as long as you have a reliable internet connection.
At, we do not have time limitation or duration as we work 24/hrs. in a day to make sure that all your stored files are kept safe and are easily shared to any location in the world.

100% Reliable

Another reason that makes an excellent choice for you whenever you are looking for an online file hosting provider is that it is reliable and efficient. That is, at any place you are, and at any time of the day, you can quickly get all your stored files without the problem of losing a particular document or a file becoming corrupt.
Likewise, this provider helps you to save you save up any file size, especially the large files documents, images, videos, audios, and others which you find difficult storing in an ordinary storage device.

Payment methods

You can get your provider today with different payment methods. This allows you to choose a more convenient payment process that you can do without stress. There are options for PayPal, Bank account and many others.

What to expect in a Premium Account

There are numerous benefits you will enjoy using a premium account. Some of these are: premium account allows you to enjoy the unlimited downloading speed without limitation and which helps you to download a large file within in short time.
Also, it allows you to easily resume your interrupted downloads at exactly where it had stopped earlier without the need to begin the downloading from the start, thereby, saving up data for you.
Furthermore, unlike other file hosting providers or basic account where you have unnecessary delays as you have to download files one after the other, premium account allows you to download as many as 8 files at the same time with easiness. Likewise, this premium account has a download volume of about 65Gb in every 2 days.
Besides, this premium account allows you to download your files, upload your files, or share your data without the need if waiting for several seconds before you can go ahead to do these.

What speed will you enjoy with a premium account?

A premium account allows enjoying a download speed as high as 100Mbit/sec. However, you can only enjoy a high level of downloading speed with an excellent downloading channel or platform. Thus, whenever you find out that your service can identify your account, it is advisable that you make sure your browser allows cookies.
At the same time, it is essential to know that any software you are making use of to access your files should not cause any blockage. More importantly, if you are using a premium key you bought from a reseller, you can activate your account to premium by inputting the premium key in the account page.

How to get a Premium Account

Getting a premium account is a simple task, and it does not require a lot of stress or time-wasting. All you need to do is to go to the "premium page" and select the payment method that would be easy and convenient for you to make.
As it has been stated earlier that a premium account comes with a wide variety of payment options which you can use to pay with Paypal, bank transfer, credit card, VISA, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Paysera, GiroPay, SafetyPay, TrustPay, Internet Banking for European countries, OneCard, DotPay, and others. Review - Why Upgrade to A Premium Account?

Lately, cloud hosting services are getting more and more prevalent in our society - and for a good reason! This mode of sharing files is more easy and efficient than carrying a disc, external HD, or a flash drive wherever you go. With the aid of this cloud hosting providers, you have unlimited access to your files, and also be able to share them as long as you have access to the internet. Not just that, distance is no longer an issue, as you can send files to your family, friends, or colleague regardless of the miles away. But with a plethora of options to choose from, finding the right provider might be tricky and overwhelming. However, one of the most popular and reliable file hosting provider is This file-sharing site offers two types of accounts: Free & Premium. With the basic account, users can upload, download and store any type of files securely; however, upgrading to the premium account offer much more that will come in handy.


For first-timers, is no entrant and has been in the market for a while now. As a matter of fact, this file-sharing website is one of the first cloud storage providers in the market. However, commenced way back in 2013 intending to assist admins with the following tasks - backing their files up, accessing them, and most of all, uploading the data on the internet. Ever since this company has helped its clients in the exchange of indexes through the web, as far as from the United States to Singapore. Now, they are focused on expanding their reach to ensure everyone enjoys seamless file-sharing services.

Why You Should Consider Upgrading to Premium Account

As mentioned earlier, this cloud storage provider offers two types of account - free and premium. While the free account might work for people, who don't have a lot to do with files on a daily basis, the premium account comes a lot of benefits. In this section, we'll be looking at a long list of reasons why upgrading from your free account to a premium account can be a worthy investment.

High-Speed Download

For premium account users, downloading comes super fast and a great choice for people who have to download large files almost instantly. This means if you need to have your sensitive data without delay, then you should be using the premium account. However, if you barely need your files downloaded right away and most of the data you download is small-sized, then you can do with it the free account. Bear in mind that the download speed for free accounts is slow, and can be a test of patience.

Instant Download

When it comes to storing information, having your file download when you need it is always paramount. With users in mind, allows premium users to have everything simultaneously. You don't have to wait like the free account users before you have your files downloaded right away. Premium users can rely on this cloud storage provider even in the nick of time, but the same can't be said for free account users.

Unlimited parallel downloads

Another exclusive benefit for people who have upgraded their accounts. This is one of the many privileges that always come in handy. This feature allows you to download multiple files without size limit at the same time, which helps save time and increase your efficiency. Sadly, this incredible feature is not available for free account users. This means you will have to download your files one after the other, which can be a total waste of time. Especially when you have to download over a dozen files within a short period.

No Captchas

Captchas are useful, but at the same time can be very annoying when you have to solve them now and then - especially times when you have a heck of files to download or upload. is very much aware, and for premium account users you don't have to solve captchas before you have your files uploaded or downloaded. This makes using the whole process swift and hassle-free. Unfortunately, free account users can not enjoy these benefits; they have to type in captcha each time they want to upload or download anything on this provider's server. This means if you have over a dozen files to download, then you should be prepared to type in over a dozen captchas also.

One-Click Download

This feature is probably one of the handiest benefits of being a premium user. Without wasting time, you can have your files downloaded and ready for use. You don't have to wait for minutes before your file starts downloading, which in the end help save time. On the flip, registered users will have to wait for a couple of seconds before their download begins, which is only suitable for people who are not in a rush and can bear waiting.

Unlimited Size Upload

Another incredible benefit is the unlimited storage for uploading your files which is only limited to the premium clients. Unlike your traditional storage with limited storage size like 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, etc., you can store a lot of files without bothering about how the storage space you have left or how to maximize the limited space. On the other hand, free clients have limited storage space and have to learn how to maximize 500 MB. While this space is enough for people who upload documents and pictures, people with large-size files such as videos, audios, etc. will use up this space in no time.

Download Resume

This is one feature I don't joke with. For one or more reasons your almost-completed download and be interrupted, rather than resume, free clients have to start over. But premium clients can easily resume their downloads and get it finished without having to start all over.

No Ads

Ads can be annoying, and most time, we find means to avoid seeing them while be work using either an in-built or a third-party ads blocker. With that in mind, this file hosting provider removes all ads for both premium and free clients to ensure a seamless experience with them. This is a great thing; most cloud hosting provider doesn't offer for free users.

File Delete Duration

For premium accounts, the uploaded files on their server will be deleted 180 days from the last day of download, which a lot of duration. But for free clients, you have got 90 days from the last day of download, which is equally amazing.

Price offers different premium plans to ensure everyone finds a suitable plan - 30, 90, 365, and 999 days. We strongly advised that you carefully review each plan and opt for a plan that works for you and most comfortable with. Besides, they accept a wide range of payment options and all payment details are secured.

Wrapping It Up

We highly recommend the premium account due to a lot of advantages it offers. However, there's a free option with some terrible downsides such as slow download speed, limited upload storage, and many more. Besides, there are four premium plans, meaning you would easily find a program that matches your budget.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Premium Account Review

With technology and the Internet rapidly evolving, the world wide web has turned into a place where one can store important files that are too big to be attached in an email, and should be shared with other people. Steadily, technology is making everything fun and convenient for us. There's the cloud technology that makes storing, accessing, and sharing of files easier than how it was a few years back.

Overview is one of the few reliable storage providers. It was established way back 2014 with more than 40,000 subyshare premium account users, over a million of active files, and more than 3200 TB storage capacity. Aside from offering ample storage space, it also offers a number of services that could help you out. This makes it stand out amount its competitors who are limited to just offering one type of service. Aside from having a decent size of storage space, it also allows access to other attractive services. Basically, it's totally worth the investment.

Product Details

Aside from being very reliable, the wonderful thing about Subyshare is that it's very secured that you wouldn't have to worry about your files or information being stolen. Likewise, the site and services are compatible with any device, whether it's a computer or smartphone. Basically, it's easy to use on both device, which means you can use the one you really prefer. This gives a huge advantage to companies before they'll e able to share vital information to workers without any limits at all. With its generous space, every file needed would be uploaded.


- It's a very reliable website with state-of-the-art secure, giving a pleasant user experience.
- Just like what has been mentioned earlier, it can be used on any device-- on your computer, smartphone, etc. As long as you have access to the Internet.
- The customer support is remarkable. You can contact them any time of the day, whenever you're experiencing some problems, and rest assured you'll be getting the help you need.
- There is also live support to clients, but this can only be used when it's readily available on the website. This isn't a huge issue at all, because you can always submit a support ticket instead.
- The connectivity you can enjoy from is really one of its kind. Each connection has a 10Gbit allocation.
- Due to the fact that the servers are modern, it offers quick network speeds that would allow you to watch videos without issues at all.
- The website is professionally designed to adhere with the latest trends, making it attractive and easy to use-- even those who have no background knowledge with HTML5 and CSS3.
- You're free to store almost any file you want, as long as it doesn't exceed the 10GB limit. That means you'll be able to upload the number of files you want.

Why You Should be Getting a SubyShare Premium Account

There are a number of benefits that you can enjoy from a SubyShare premium account and here are some of those:

Seamless Access to Data
You'll have premium access to important data spreadsheets, word docs, photos, PDFs, and many more. Likewise, it also makes cloud syncing easier than ever.

User Friendly Interface
The app is very easy to use. You don't need to be a tech guru just to be able to use this program.

Recover Lost Files
Losing files is definitely stressful, but it's something you really don't have to worry about with a SubyShare account. You can retrieve them without any problems at all.

Time Saver
A SubyShare premium account would allow you to save time from sharing data through the cloud. With clicks of the button, you can easily share files wherever you are.

Cost Reduction
As you apply for a SubyShare premium account, you'll be able to cut down cost related to storing your important files. For business owners, this is greatly beneficial.

Optimum Security
No need to worry about your files being hacked. SubyShare have gone the extra mile to ensure that this would never happen. Whether you're thinking of sharing files with others, or you just simply want to store backups. SubyShare got you covered.

Final Words

SubyShare is perfect for those who want to store large files over the Internet and be able to share them with others. You can opt for a free or premium account depending on what you need.

Filejoker Premium Account Review

Founded in 2012, is a popular file hosting platform with millions of subscribers. It is designed to provide users with a secure place to keep as well as share files with their family, friends or other internet users. The whole process of signing up for the Filejoker account is quite simple. You only need to provide your email and the password and you are good to go. Alternatively, you can sign up using your Facebook or Google account.

Filejoker Accounts

Upon signing up, you will have immediate access to the Filejoker free account, which although free has its fair share of limitations that may either hinder or slow down some of your operations. For instance, the account has a very slow download speed, which might be quite inconveniencing especially if you have many large files to download. Moreover, you still have to wait for up to thirty seconds before you can start downloading. Under this account, you will enjoy up to 30 days of cloud storage for your files. You are also allowed a maximum file size of 500Mbs, which may be quite limiting if you have large files you want to store or share.

Unfortunately, you will not get access to critical features that are available under the paid or premium account. For instance, you will not be able to access download accelerators, which help in speeding up the downloading process. In addition, under the free account you will not enjoy the FTP and HTTP uploads feature. Furthermore, you cannot download files simultaneously, and if you leave before the downloading processes is complete, you will not be able to resume the process from where you left. If you would like to overcome all these limitations, you just need to upgrade to the premium account which has more features and capabilities.

Features of the Filejoker Premium Account

Of the two Filejoker accounts, this is no doubt the best deal. For instance, you will enjoy full security for your files and downloads as they are normally secured by a state-of-the-art encryption system. This means that you do not need to worry about the safety of your data. Moreover, the turbo option allows you to enjoy maximum downloading speed. You will gain access to download accelerators which help in speeding up the downloading process. Unlike the free account where you have to wait, here the files begin downloading immediately you initiate the process.

With the premium account, you will also have 90 days of cloud storage for your files. With the maximum file size of 5GB, you will be able to upload and download larger files without any problem. Moreover, it allows for simultaneous downloads, hence you can download more than one file at a time. This is quite important especially if you are dealing with many files. Furthermore, in case you get interrupted midway, you can always resume the downloading process from where you left. You will also enjoy the FTP and HTTP uploading option.

Filejoker Premium Account Plans

Some of the plans you can enjoy as a premium Filejoker member include;

1. The 3-Day Plan: Here you will be required to pay $4.95 for the 3 days period and enjoy premium access.

2. The 30-Day Plan: Under this plan, you only need to pay $12.95 for the whole thirty days period to enjoy premium access during this period.

3. The 90-Day Plan: This is the most popular of the five plans. You just need to pay $32.95 and enjoy the premium account benefits for up to 90 days.

4. The 365-Day Plan: With just $89.95, you will be able to access all the features that are available to premium members for a whole year.

5. The Lifetime Plan: This is the best deal of them all. With just $129.95, you will be able to access all premium account features for a lifetime. This will save you the hassle of having to renew your plan every time it expires. Moreover, it is cheaper in the long run.


The best thing about the Filejoker premium account is that you can pay for the plan of your choice through a range of payment options. For instance, you can do so using MasterCard, VISA, CashU, UnionPay, Pay in EUR, Webmoney, Bitcoin, PaySera as well as Safety Pay. Moreover, the whole payment process is done on an encrypted and fully secure platform, hence you do not need to worry about the safety of your information as it will never be leaked out. In addition, the purchase is backed by a thirty-day money-back guarantee, which means that you can always claim a refund if you are not pleased with the performance of the platform.

File.AL Premium Account Review

For a lot of people, the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about file sharing would be attaching a document to an email. Although this would definitely work for small-scale file sharing, once you need to share bigger files, this would be an issue. This is where file sharing services become very useful.

Online file sharing services, such as File.AL, would allow you to store and share even the largest files because your data are hosted on cloud servers for you to store, share, and collaborate. You can even upload files and share them with anyone via download link. Not just that, the best file sharing services also function as collaboration that would allow you to invite others to work on a certain file or folder. Everyone is allowed to make changes, or communicate within the platform.


File.AL is a file hosting provider that offers online storage, as well as remote backup capacity together with uploading and downloading tools. That means with this program, you'll be able to share anything, ranging from videos, files, images, and the like.

Product Details

What makes File.AL wonderful is that it works well with other apps and services that the editing and viewing of your files isn't as complicated anymore. This is very important, especially if you're a business owner. You need to look for a program that offers access and retrieval. That's why you have to make sure that the provider you're going to use can easily verify and function with other tools you use. File.AL specializes in this.

The range of capabilities being offered by File.AL, especially if you'll opt for a premium account is incredible. It offers state-of-the-art security, synched folder that's accessible everywhere, and the ability to perform co-editing.

Why Should I Choose File.AL

If you're looking for a storage service provider that would allow you to send large files via email, File.AL would be perfect for this purpose. Likewise, if you need secure remote storage capacity for off-site backups, with this storage provider, you'll be able to perform that with ease. Accessing personal data from different computers is also possible, and you don't have to carry a USB stick around you anymore. Your files are readily available online.

Of course, you also want to ensure privacy. You don't have to worry about other users being able to access your file, as this would be kept private. As long as they don't have the URL link, nor your account information, they wouldn't be able to sneak.

Are There Any Restrictions?

Just like with other hosting providers, although you're allowed to upload almost any kind of files, there's still a restriction. You're not allowed to upload pornographic materials, sexual images, nudity, and of course copyrighted material is a big NO. To know more about what you are allowed to upload, we highly advise that you check the terms of service as well.

Deleting Files from the Server

Once you have decided that you don't need the file anymore, and would want to delete it, all you have to do is use the delete link which you'll get after the upload process. In such a case that you have accidentally forgotten this code, you'll have to wait until your file expires and this would be automatically removed from the server.


Unfortunately, you're not allowed to hotlink any kind of files that have been uploaded in the server.


Although you can use File.AL for free, you can also get a File.AL premium account to enjoy more benefits. With a premium account, the maximum upload file size is 50000MB and there's no storage space limit. You'll also enjoy remote URL upload, download accelerators support, download resume, no download delays, captcha, and advertisement. It's also worth noting that with a premium account, your files would be on the server for up to 90 days after last download, while it's only 7 days with a free account.

For the pricing of a premium account, you can either opt for a 30-day plan for $19.95, 60-day plan for $29.95, 90-day plan for $39.95, 180-day plant for $69.95, and a 365-day plan for $99.95. Your payment is 100% safe and secured as they accept credit card, Paypal, PaySafe Card, Bitcoin, WebMoney, bank transfer, and many more.

Final Words

File.Al is definitely one of the most reliable cloud storage providers out there. Not only is it easy to use, you don't have to worry about your information or files getting compromised once you upload them. Premium Account Review

As you might already know, having your data in a free cloud storage account is a disconcerting touch and go experience. Access to your data usually has an expiry date, which means you have to keep uploading the data to maintain its presence in the cloud. On the other hand, when data is deleted by some of these companies, it is actually left in their hands or with the third party handling the storage on their behalf.

Such cloud service providers “get away” with such indecencies because a free cloud services user is not as well protected as is typically promised. You see, there is a general tendency by many free cloud storage companies to oversell the benevolence of their intentions. All this should help clarify why free cloud storage, for all its convenience, is such an unreliable way to store and manage your data online. This is why you should get an premium account to ensure your data remains on the cloud for as long as you want, in the hands of a company you can trust, and with data management options that help you control its access better.

With a free cloud storage account, regardless of the provider, you will get your download speeds throttled, and that’s not the half of it. You will also have to deal with queues and other intentional hitches that can turn your use of cloud storage services into a nightmare. However, an wdupload premium account introduces you to a stress-free world of unlimited and simultaneous downloads among other topnotch features.

When storing data for your business, you will almost certainly need that data available to various departments simultaneously. You won’t pull this off with a free account – far from it – all thanks to bandwidth limitations and other pesky restrictions on free cloud services use. But, with an premium account, you will have as much bandwidth as you need. In fact, you can get bandwidths of up to 1 TB if you actually need this gigantic amount of network capacity. Oh, you can also upload and download files of up to 35 GB at a time!

You will not have the hair-pulling experience of figuring out how services work. To begin with, the file manager is very intuitive and easy to use. With some services, you will not even know whether you have successfully stored your data or not. This is an inconvenience you will not have to suffer when using wdupload services; and with a premium account, you will have additional services such as making your files private, or making them downloadable only once so as to track downloads and so forth.

Other extras you can expect to get with an premium account include: global round-the-clock access to your files, unlimited file sharing with your friends and coworkers, over a dozen payment processing methods, direct links to the stored files, zero ads, reliable customer support, and guaranteed data security. Premium Account Review

Filefactory is a popular file hosting service provider that allows you to upload, download and even share different types of files with ease. The platform allows you to upload and share music, movies, images and other types of media with your friends, family members as well as other internet users. Moreover the whole process of signing up for their account is quite simple. What is required is just your email, password and date of birth to help keep your account secure. Alternatively, you can sign up using your Google plus, Facebook or Twitter account. Accounts

There are basically three types of Filefactory accounts. They include the Anon User account, the Free User account and the Premium account. As an Anon user, you will have access to very few features. For instance, you will enjoy a file download speed of 50 KB/s and a 5GB maximum file download size. You also have to wait for long before you can download files. Furthermore, there is also a limit to the number of files you can download and you only have a maximum of one parallel download at a time. You will also encounter many banner ads and popups as an Anon user.

If the Anon account does not meet your needs, you can always opt for the free account type. Under the free membership, some of the benefits you will enjoy include; a file download speed of up to 70 KB/s. You will also be allowed a maximum of one parallel download at a time. The account has a file storage time of 90 days, a 5GB maximum file upload size and a 5GB maximum file download size. You will also be subjected to an hourly download limit and you have to wait for some time before the downloading process can be initiated. You will also encounter some banners, ads and popups when using the account. Other features you will have access to include the Filebox as well as the ability to manage, delate or rename files. 

With the various limitations that the free account users are subjected to, the best option would be to upgrade to the premium account.

Features of the Premium Account

Of the three Filefactory accounts, this is the best. As a premium member, you will enjoy unlimited file download speed, maximum parallel downloads and unlimited file storage time with no download limits. You will also be allowed 5GB maximum file upload size as well as 5GB maximum file download size, which allows you to upload or download larger files with ease. Moreover, you will also have access to the direct download feature, which makes the whole process of downloading files easier.

The good thing is that you do not need to wait before downloading your files as the process is initiated immediately, hence saving you a lot of time. Furthermore, you will enjoy faster downloads as well as benefit from the download manager support. If you leave the downloading process midway, you can always resume the process any time you want.

As a premium member, you will also carry out your operations free from any banner ads and popups, which can be quite annoying and disruptive. You can also hotlink your files whenever you want as well as upload your files with FTP. Moreover, you will gain access to the filebox, where you can manage your files and folders with ease. For instance, you can rename or even delete your files whenever you want. In addition, you will also be granted priority customer service support, which is quite critical in times of emergency.

Filefactory Premium Plans

If you want to subscribe to a Filefactory plan, below are some of the plans you can opt for.

The 30 Days Plan - Under this Filefactory plan, you are required to pay $13 and enjoy premium membership benefits for up to thirty days. This is the base price with no discounts applied.

The 90 Days Plan - Here you are required to pay $35 in order to access the premium account features for ninety days. You will get a 10% discount in turn.

The 180 Days Plan - This plan will cost you $59 for the entire 180 days period. Here you will get a 25% discount and still enjoy premium account benefits.

The 365 Days Plan - Under this unique plan, you will be expected to pay $94 in order to enjoy premium access. You will in turn get a 40% discount.

Note that you can also get a special bonus offer where you will only pay $141 and gain premium access for up to two years.


The good thing is that you can pay for your premium membership using three different payment methods, which include VISA, MasterCard and Bitcoin. Moreover, the payment is done on a secure page where everything is encrypted so as to prevent any possibility of your personal information leaking out. Upon completing a successful payment, a receipt will be send to you via email. If you are looking for the best cloud storage platform where you can upload, store and even share files with others, is one of the best platforms available. Premium Account Review

Time has indeed changed, and almost everyone seems to be looking for a cloud storage provider where users can upload their data of any sizes without a limitation on storage space. That is not the best part: you can conveniently share your large files with anyone anywhere without physically meeting.

Fortunately, there are several cloud storage providers out there offering this type of service. One of the reputable providers is They provide a free and premium account allowing users to upload, download, and share data - music, videos, pdf, documents, etc. signing up on is totally free; however, for those you want to enjoy extra features, then you will have to upgrade your account to premium.

What is is one of the very few providers offering secure online storage. To simply put: it is a free and reliable file hosting services allowing anyone to share, download, store, and manage data uploaded in the system. The best part: these files can be accessed easily on any device anywhere in the world, provided there is an internet.

this service bears a resemblance to a physical hard drive, except it makes use of the internet to store everything on their cloud storage.

Why Should You Use

Indeed, out there are a lot of file hosting providers, but why should anyone be using Just like other top providers, it offers unlimited storage for all your information.

That is not all: it comes with a user-friendly interface that provides users with instant access to all stored data in their account. This includes videos, sites, music, photos, contact information, and lots more.

In simpler terms, this provider offers a number of solutions to meet all your needs. Users have the convenience of accessing their data whenever and wherever the needs arise. Also, it eliminates any worries about your device such as computer crashes, as it ensures all your files are securely saved.

Premium Benefits of

The provider offers two account type - Free and Premium. After signing up, you get a free account with some limitations, which is good for people you plan to use this few times. However, it is advised to upgrade your account to premium to remove all restriction for people needing to this service heavily.

Download speed - this one of the annoying restrictions especially when you have larger files to download. Premium users enjoy top downloading speed allowing large-sized files to get downloaded almost instantly.

Parallel download - this premium benefit may not be an issue if you do not have a lot of files to download. Free accounts are only permitted to download one file at the time, which may be annoying if you have to download about a hundred files. This is one of the reasons to upgrade to premium.

Fast download - during busy server, the providers prioritize premium users by allowing them to enjoy constant high download speed. At this point, free account users may have their download speed uninterrupted.

Download resume - this feature is not supported in the free account. This means if for any reasons your network or download gets interrupted, you will have to restart your download. But, for premium users, all you have to is resume your download.

Support download accelerators - free account does not support download accelerators which make the download pretty slow and time wasting. Upgrading to a premium account allows download accelerators to speed up your download and saves more time.

Ads - while premium users don't have to put up with annoying ads, free accounts will have to deal with this every time you download a file.

System Requirements is very flexible, provided you have a good internet connection, you are good to go. It works wells with any web browsers and operating systems - Mac OS, Windows OS, etc.

Also, the system allows you to upload anything provided you do not violate any of their terms of use. Besides, you will be able to share and upload any kind of data and size, as long as your account still have enough space.

Security and Sharing allows anyone to share their files with friends, family, colleague, and others. To do this, all you have to is give them the link to the data (URL), which provides them with access to the file. Concerning security, this ensures no one can access your files except you give them the link. Also, you don't have to worry about the number of people that can access your uploaded files, as there is no limitation.

Further, the transfer speed is based on what your Internet Service Provider offers. Your security is' priority. They make use of 128-bit encryption of data transfer for all users. Encryption is one of the most effective ways of protecting your files from theft. With encryption, you are sure to have the maximum protection assuring you that no one except you has access to those files.

Tezfiles's Refund Policy

This provider has been offering reliable and reputable services since 2013. They strive to provide their users with both free and premium account users the best service. Unfortunately, minor issues may arise due to one reason or another, which may leave you unsatisfactory, and want a full refund.

The provider offers a full refund provided their service stopped working for more than seven days, or the system could not pay multiple times. They would not offer a full refund if you decided to discontinue. Also, for those who feel the download is slow, dead links, etc. however, ensure you contact them if you encounter any problems with their services.


Overall, it is safe to say that is among the most popular and reliable file hosting providers in the market. It allows users to upload files of any size without compromising your security. Lastly, as you decide a cloud storage provider to use, ensure it provides easy access to your uploaded files, share with anyone anytime and with the maximum protection to ensure your data safety. Premium Account Review

Irrespective of your walk of life or perhaps you currently in college, you would agree to the fact that you always have one file or the other to keep store somewhere. Hence, with the internet focused on making our lives much more comfortable, there are several file sharing provider where you can securely store up your important documents such as research papers, media, business files, and much more.

A remarkable feature about these file sharing providers is they are actually a reliable platform for storing and securing all your essential files. One of those stable platforms is Uploadgig. This cloud storage provider provides its users with several benefits including unparalleled storage and ease file sharing among your friends and colleagues.

What is

Uploadgig is a trustworthy file sharing and cloud storage platform that allows its customers to upload and download their files, documents, research papers, images, videos, and so forth. The platform is quite easy to use and provides your data with maximum security.

The platform is designed professionally to ensure users don't struggle with making use of this website for storing, downloading and sharing. The site only requires you provide your email address, Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo accounts to get started with the cloud storage platform.

Aside from its easy signup, offers an odd number of packages including a basic package which is entirely free to use without paying a dime. Also, there is a premium account with great features, benefits, and plans to meet everyone's budget.

Uploadgig Premium Benefits

Premium access offers a lot of benefits over the basic plan, which includes a maximum speed of download instead of minimum speed capped at 50 kb/s. Further, premium users don’t have to experience any delay when downloading a stored file like the basic plan with about 60 seconds delay. More so, downloads don’t commence immediately, and you have to wait and watch some annoying ads, which are removed for the premium account. Downloads start immediately with no ads, and you can download as many files as you want at the same time. Premium Account Packages

The providers have ensured that low matter how high or low your budget is; you will find a plan that works for you.

Here is a short review of Uploadgig premium packages:

30-Day Premium Plan - This 30-day premium plan provided by Uploadgig, allows users to take advantage of the exceptional benefits offered associated with only premium accounts. Some of the included benefits to stand to enjoy is downloading multiple files at the same time, no download delay, 100% anonymity, maximum download speed, no ads, direct download and many more for 30 days.

90-Day Premium Plan - This package is one of the most sought-after packages, as it offers you premium access to the platform for 90 days at an affordable price. You will also enjoy the same benefits said in the 30-day package just 60 days longer.

180-Day Premium Plan - Some customers prefer this package as it offers these premium benefits for six months or 180 days and also, it is cost effective.

365-Day Premium Plan - This is the right plan for businesses owners, manager or college student who will need to save or share files for more than six months. Aside from that, it is the most affordable package offered by This premium plan provided by this website is meant for one-year access, which even helps you save more bucks compared to other packages.

More About Uploadgig Premium Plans

The providers allow interested users to start with the basic plan, which is apparently free with limit benefits, and later upgrade to a premium account by choosing a premium package plan. Also, you can on the platform using anything you are comfortable with. Payment Options

This website accepts several payment options to ensure that interest customer doesn’t experience any struggle in paying for premium services.

The platform accepts the following payment options – Visa,, Bitcoin. MasterCard, Yandex money, Cherry Credits, Neosurf, Boleto, Trustpay, Poli, DineroMail, Banamex, and many more.

Uploadgig Refund Policy

The provider has a high level of confidence in the service offered, and, as such, they are offering a worry-free satisfaction guarantee for the first three days after upgrading your account to one of the premium plans. To be eligible for a full refund, not more than two files or 1 Gb must have been download. Review – Security

As mention earlier, uploadgig is one reliable cloud storage provides available to ensure your uploaded files and document is secured. The website promises to treat your data with maximum care, unlike other providers with profit-making agenda. Uploadgig claims to have a high level of security to ensure you don’t lose your files, or get corrupted. Using cutting-edge security, it eliminates worries about your information or document lost or stolen. On this platform, everything is password protected, including your forms of payment and credentials are all encrypted.

Final Words

Our world is continually changing; thanks to the internet. Now, we can mark the end days to carrying a flash drive everywhere you go, because you never can tell when you will need to share a file with your boss, friends or colleague. With the internet alongside cloud storage servers, like, it is possible to do away with the flash drive and have your files ready and available whenever and everything you need them.

Also, you don’t need to more about your privacy, just make sure you properly configure the privacy settings if you will be uploading sensitive information, which you don’t want anyone to be able to access them.

Uploadgig offers a free service immediately you sign up with the providers, but to ensure several benefits, you can easily choose one of the premium plans to upgrade your account from basic to premium for more remarkable benefits. Although with the basic account you enjoy limited benefits including storage, premium offers much more with no annoying ads, maximum cloud storage and much more.

So, if you are looking to try a cloud storage provider, you can give uploadgig a trial; thanks to its risk-free money-back guarantee.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 Premium Account Review

As technology and the internet keeps evolving, our world becomes more convenient and better. Decades ago, file sharing was not only challenging but also stressful. But, with people taking advantage of the internet for sharing files online, it becomes more than necessary to try to use the platform to store data, as well.

This is where file hosting providers come in. The cloud storage provides easy and simple solutions, which works well with any purpose you have in mind - professional or personal. This medium is perfect for sharing documents, photos, videos, music, and other important files online.

With that being said, we’ll be discussing one of the most popular file hosting company available on the market - This review will contain the benefits anyone stands to enjoy, the incredible features it has to offer and options you should pay more attention to in the cloud storage space.

A Quick Overview of

For those new to cloud storage service or haven’t heard of Filefox or know what it is, it’s a top of the line file hosting network built to offer its users unparallel download speed and upload speed. As a matter of fact, most users claim that this cloud storage provider offers nothing but the best; whether it’s retrieving, sharing, or hosting files. This provider has a simple interface, which makes it quite easy to use. Plus, signing up is a breeze.

What to Know

This cloud storage provider offers every user a platform. This means irrespective of what type of device you are using; you can always use their services without having to deal with any hassle at all.

Although Filefox, like other cloud storage providers out there, offers a free account, it’s advisable to start considering a premium account to get rid of the annoying limitation and enjoy cloud storage solutions to the fullest.

This holds for individuals who often have to handle large files, which will be handled hassle-free with a premium account, as the free account comes with an odd number of limitations.

The compatibility, as well as, the storage offerings of Filefox are less challenging to use. All you have to do is drag and drop a file into the box on the homepage and keep the URL links after the process is completed. Review - How to Use

While cloud storage services are being widely used for business purposes, it can gradually become a preferred storage solution for personal uses, too. Filefox make it easier for anyone to share files with friends and family. You can easily upload your documents, pictures, videos, etc. and share with your colleagues, business partner, and others, or merely keep the file private by not sharing it with anyone. People can only have access to your files provided you share with them the URL links.

To get started, create an account with them, and wait for an activation email. But bear in mind, that the activation email might end up in your junk email folder. Therefore, ensure you check this folder if you did not get a notification from Filefox even after you have signed up. The last stage is activating your account, simply click on the activation email which should be in your ‘inbox’ or ‘junk folder’ and follow the detailed instructions.

Why You Should Consider Premium Accounts

When it comes to file hosting providers, most people often tend to go for the cheapest deal offered. More importantly, you should be aware that cheap deals do not usually provide the best deal, especially for people looking to use the cloud storage service for more than just personal use. Here’s where Filefox scores better, it offers not only affordable deals but also offers a bang for your buck.

File Upload Limitations

While Filefox allows all users to upload files on their server for free, it’s imperative that you are aware that there is a limitation for free accounts, especially for files that violate the provider’s terms of use and potentially malicious files. For this reason, it’s essential for every user to read the provider’s terms of use before uploading any data to ensure you have not violated any TOS.

Premium Benefits

Let’s check out some of the bells and whistles that accompany a premium account:

Max upload file size - Filefox allows free account users to upload any file about 2048 MB on their server, which might be sufficient for people who often deal with less file size, such as documents, pictures, etc. However, the provider allows premium account users to upload a file about 10240 MB, which more than enough for professional and personal users.

Storage Space - This is one part that should compel anyone to upgrade from free to premium accounts. On free account do not enjoy the luxury of unlimited storage space, unlike premium account users who can upload as many as possible without dealing with limited storage space.

Download Speed - To enjoy an unbeatable speed, you may have to upgrade to a premium account, as free account come with a limited download speed. While free account’s download speed can be enough for downloading pictures, music, etc. without staying up all night, large files can take a lot of hours, which is time wasting,

Parallel Downloads - Another feature that should prompt everyone to opt for a premium account. Free account users are limited to one download at a time, which will definitely be time-consuming, especially if you have to download over hundreds of files. Fortunately, premium account users are allowed to download ten files at a time without interruption. Bear in mind, that you will be downloading at a very high speed.

No Download Delay - Aside from all the limitation discussed above, this is another limitation that can get on your nerves. Free account users have to wait for a couple of seconds before they can be able to proceed with the download. This can be really annoying if you have to download several files and time isn’t on your side. However, premium account users don’t have to wait a bit to get their data downloading with unbeatable speed.

Files Duration - If you are planning to use this cloud storage service for professional and personal use for a long time, then upgrading to a premium account can be your best shot. Files uploaded by a free account user are removed from Filefox server after 14 days, which may be perfect for people looking to take advantage of the cloud storage service for a while. Premium users can keep their files for up to 120 days before getting removed from the server.

No Ads - This benefit isn’t for all users. Free account is made to watch ads during the few seconds of delay before being able to download the files. But, with premium accounts, you don't have to pull up with these ads which sometimes isn’t fun, and informative at all.

No Download Captcha - Last, but not the least, free accounts have to solve captchas before they can proceed with their downloads. Sounds like a simple task to do for free service, right? It’s possible until you have to download dozens of files. This where having premium account seems beneficial, as you don't have to solve any captcha before downloading your files. Review - Final Conclusion

There you’ve it; the above information is just a fraction of what you should expect from this cloud service provider. We hope the information will help you make a better decision, as to which provider you should trust and opt for.

In short, Filefox have proven to be an excellent cloud storage provider offering several features that could great for both personal and professional uses. Besides, its security is up to par, which means you don't have to worry about other people having access to your files or losing them.