Sunday, May 31, 2020 Review - Why Upgrade to A Premium Account?

Lately, cloud hosting services are getting more and more prevalent in our society - and for a good reason! This mode of sharing files is more easy and efficient than carrying a disc, external HD, or a flash drive wherever you go. With the aid of this cloud hosting providers, you have unlimited access to your files, and also be able to share them as long as you have access to the internet. Not just that, distance is no longer an issue, as you can send files to your family, friends, or colleague regardless of the miles away. But with a plethora of options to choose from, finding the right provider might be tricky and overwhelming. However, one of the most popular and reliable file hosting provider is This file-sharing site offers two types of accounts: Free & Premium. With the basic account, users can upload, download and store any type of files securely; however, upgrading to the premium account offer much more that will come in handy.


For first-timers, is no entrant and has been in the market for a while now. As a matter of fact, this file-sharing website is one of the first cloud storage providers in the market. However, commenced way back in 2013 intending to assist admins with the following tasks - backing their files up, accessing them, and most of all, uploading the data on the internet. Ever since this company has helped its clients in the exchange of indexes through the web, as far as from the United States to Singapore. Now, they are focused on expanding their reach to ensure everyone enjoys seamless file-sharing services.

Why You Should Consider Upgrading to Premium Account

As mentioned earlier, this cloud storage provider offers two types of account - free and premium. While the free account might work for people, who don't have a lot to do with files on a daily basis, the premium account comes a lot of benefits. In this section, we'll be looking at a long list of reasons why upgrading from your free account to a premium account can be a worthy investment.

High-Speed Download

For premium account users, downloading comes super fast and a great choice for people who have to download large files almost instantly. This means if you need to have your sensitive data without delay, then you should be using the premium account. However, if you barely need your files downloaded right away and most of the data you download is small-sized, then you can do with it the free account. Bear in mind that the download speed for free accounts is slow, and can be a test of patience.

Instant Download

When it comes to storing information, having your file download when you need it is always paramount. With users in mind, allows premium users to have everything simultaneously. You don't have to wait like the free account users before you have your files downloaded right away. Premium users can rely on this cloud storage provider even in the nick of time, but the same can't be said for free account users.

Unlimited parallel downloads

Another exclusive benefit for people who have upgraded their accounts. This is one of the many privileges that always come in handy. This feature allows you to download multiple files without size limit at the same time, which helps save time and increase your efficiency. Sadly, this incredible feature is not available for free account users. This means you will have to download your files one after the other, which can be a total waste of time. Especially when you have to download over a dozen files within a short period.

No Captchas

Captchas are useful, but at the same time can be very annoying when you have to solve them now and then - especially times when you have a heck of files to download or upload. is very much aware, and for premium account users you don't have to solve captchas before you have your files uploaded or downloaded. This makes using the whole process swift and hassle-free. Unfortunately, free account users can not enjoy these benefits; they have to type in captcha each time they want to upload or download anything on this provider's server. This means if you have over a dozen files to download, then you should be prepared to type in over a dozen captchas also.

One-Click Download

This feature is probably one of the handiest benefits of being a premium user. Without wasting time, you can have your files downloaded and ready for use. You don't have to wait for minutes before your file starts downloading, which in the end help save time. On the flip, registered users will have to wait for a couple of seconds before their download begins, which is only suitable for people who are not in a rush and can bear waiting.

Unlimited Size Upload

Another incredible benefit is the unlimited storage for uploading your files which is only limited to the premium clients. Unlike your traditional storage with limited storage size like 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, etc., you can store a lot of files without bothering about how the storage space you have left or how to maximize the limited space. On the other hand, free clients have limited storage space and have to learn how to maximize 500 MB. While this space is enough for people who upload documents and pictures, people with large-size files such as videos, audios, etc. will use up this space in no time.

Download Resume

This is one feature I don't joke with. For one or more reasons your almost-completed download and be interrupted, rather than resume, free clients have to start over. But premium clients can easily resume their downloads and get it finished without having to start all over.

No Ads

Ads can be annoying, and most time, we find means to avoid seeing them while be work using either an in-built or a third-party ads blocker. With that in mind, this file hosting provider removes all ads for both premium and free clients to ensure a seamless experience with them. This is a great thing; most cloud hosting provider doesn't offer for free users.

File Delete Duration

For premium accounts, the uploaded files on their server will be deleted 180 days from the last day of download, which a lot of duration. But for free clients, you have got 90 days from the last day of download, which is equally amazing.

Price offers different premium plans to ensure everyone finds a suitable plan - 30, 90, 365, and 999 days. We strongly advised that you carefully review each plan and opt for a plan that works for you and most comfortable with. Besides, they accept a wide range of payment options and all payment details are secured.

Wrapping It Up

We highly recommend the premium account due to a lot of advantages it offers. However, there's a free option with some terrible downsides such as slow download speed, limited upload storage, and many more. Besides, there are four premium plans, meaning you would easily find a program that matches your budget.

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