Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Ex-load.com Premium Account Review

Storage devices are used to store our important, audios, documents, videos, files, and many more, which makes it very useful. However, one major issue with physical hard drives is that they have high tendencies of getting lost, corrupted and damaged. As a result, recovering your files becomes almost impossible.

Fortunately, the cloud storage system help avoid these troubles. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also allows users to download and upload whatever they like provided it’s not against their Terms and Conditions. With this, storing files become easier either for personal and commercial purposes, too.

Despite that, you have to deal with the stress of choosing from a hundred of them. For newbies, this may be overwhelming and challenging to get a provider meet your expectations, and that’s why have taken our time to review one of the most popular file hosting providers out there - Ex-load.com and what to look out for.

What is Ex-load.com?

Ex-load.com is no different from other cloud storage providers out there. It allows users to store their data on their system. Also, they provide top services when it comes to uploading and downloading their date without hassle. With this file hosting provider, especially for those using a premium account, you stand to enjoy several privileged of hosting a number of files - either image, videos, flash, audios, documents, and anything else.

What to Expect from Ex-load.com.com

The data uploaded in Ex-load.com are saved in a remote data center, and since it offers a cloud storage service, users enjoy the benefit of having their essential files backed up safely while freeing up more storage space on your external hard drives or computers.

With it, anyone can store virtually anything, whether these are videos, word document, spreadsheet, and even videos. That’s not the best part: Ex-load.com allows you to keep your large files with maximum security. That also means you no longer have to be bothered about losing or forgetting your external hard drive ever again. As far as you have the internet, you are good to go.

Here’s more? Ex-load.com is a remote cloud storage provider that makes it convenient for anyone to access anywhere and anytime you want to, which is one of the most fantastic features of this provider. Likewise, Ex-load.com offers other incredible services like file synchronization, as well as file sharing. For those new to cloud storage, via file synchronization, you should be able to distribute your stored data from one device to another automatically. Not just that, users can also make edits to their files in real time.

Is Ex-load.com Really Worth Considering?

There are a number of reasons Ex-load.com should be considered, and here are few of those:


Safety is one of the issues why most people are scared of using file hosting services, as they get afraid that their uploaded data may get accessed by someone else. With Ex-load.com, you are assured of maximum protection anyone could ask for, which means no one except you has access to those files.

Accessible 24/7

With a cloud storage provider, it’s imperative that you have full access to your files at anytime anywhere on any device with you at the moment - PC, tablet, or mobile phone. This provider is one of the top file hosting providers offering 24/7 accessibility. This means as long as you connected to the internet you can easily upload and download your files.


When it comes to cloud storage services, reliability is one of the crucial things to bear in mind. Ex-load.com is totally reliable, which translate to being able to access your uploaded files whenever you wish to. This means you can always rely on this provider during an emergency. It does not matter the time of day, or your location, you will have your files ready right away.

Payment Options

Ex-load.com offers several payment options, which increases your likelihood of paying with your preferred payment options.

Premium Benefits

Instant Download: Ex-load.com allows only premium users to get started with their downloads immediately, unlike free account users who have to put up with annoying ads and captcha.

Download Speed -  for free account users, your downloading speed is capped at 65 kb/s, which is excellent for downloading small-sized files. However, for large files, it is advisable to upgrade to enjoy unlimited downloading speed.

Concurrent Downloads - free accounts can only download one file at a time, which won't be a problem if you have very few files to download. In a case where you have to downloads several files about hundreds, then you need a premium account for simultaneous downloads at a time.

Download Resume - this is the saddest part for free accounts users, any time your download gets interrupted for any reason you are left with no choice but to restart with very low download speed.

Upload Size- for premium, you enjoy a maximum file upload size of 2 GB, which is more than enough for your storing up your files.

File Removal - files uploaded on the free account get removed after a while, which otherwise is the case for an individual to have upgraded to a premium account.

How to Get an ex-load.com Premium Account

Upgrading from your free, limited account to unlimited, premium account is very easy and straightforward. All that is required is a purchasing one of the premium plans from the website’s premium account page and choose any of the preferred payment methods. Here’s good news: Ex-load.com offers a wide range of payment methods - Direct Bank, Paysafecard, Transfer, SMS, BitPay, PayPal, WebMoney, and CashtoCode.

Ex-load.com Premium Account Review - Final Conclusion

For those looking for a reliable cloud storage provider, Ex-load.com is one of the few go-to out there. They are probably one of the best available. It comes with several features, plus refund policy to sweeten the deal. Users can now upload, store, download and share files to your friends, colleagues, family, etc. with maximum protection.

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