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Filefox.cc Premium Account Review

As technology and the internet keeps evolving, our world becomes more convenient and better. Decades ago, file sharing was not only challenging but also stressful. But, with people taking advantage of the internet for sharing files online, it becomes more than necessary to try to use the platform to store data, as well.

This is where file hosting providers come in. The cloud storage provides easy and simple solutions, which works well with any purpose you have in mind - professional or personal. This medium is perfect for sharing documents, photos, videos, music, and other important files online.

With that being said, we’ll be discussing one of the most popular file hosting company available on the market - Filefox.cc. This review will contain the benefits anyone stands to enjoy, the incredible features it has to offer and options you should pay more attention to in the cloud storage space.

A Quick Overview of Filefox.cc

For those new to cloud storage service or haven’t heard of Filefox or know what it is, it’s a top of the line file hosting network built to offer its users unparallel download speed and upload speed. As a matter of fact, most users claim that this cloud storage provider offers nothing but the best; whether it’s retrieving, sharing, or hosting files. This provider has a simple interface, which makes it quite easy to use. Plus, signing up is a breeze.

What to Know

This cloud storage provider offers every user a platform. This means irrespective of what type of device you are using; you can always use their services without having to deal with any hassle at all.

Although Filefox, like other cloud storage providers out there, offers a free account, it’s advisable to start considering a premium account to get rid of the annoying limitation and enjoy cloud storage solutions to the fullest.

This holds for individuals who often have to handle large files, which will be handled hassle-free with a premium account, as the free account comes with an odd number of limitations.

The compatibility, as well as, the storage offerings of Filefox are less challenging to use. All you have to do is drag and drop a file into the box on the homepage and keep the URL links after the process is completed.

Filefox.cc Review - How to Use

While cloud storage services are being widely used for business purposes, it can gradually become a preferred storage solution for personal uses, too. Filefox make it easier for anyone to share files with friends and family. You can easily upload your documents, pictures, videos, etc. and share with your colleagues, business partner, and others, or merely keep the file private by not sharing it with anyone. People can only have access to your files provided you share with them the URL links.

To get started, create an account with them, and wait for an activation email. But bear in mind, that the activation email might end up in your junk email folder. Therefore, ensure you check this folder if you did not get a notification from Filefox even after you have signed up. The last stage is activating your account, simply click on the activation email which should be in your ‘inbox’ or ‘junk folder’ and follow the detailed instructions.

Why You Should Consider Premium Accounts

When it comes to file hosting providers, most people often tend to go for the cheapest deal offered. More importantly, you should be aware that cheap deals do not usually provide the best deal, especially for people looking to use the cloud storage service for more than just personal use. Here’s where Filefox scores better, it offers not only affordable deals but also offers a bang for your buck.

File Upload Limitations

While Filefox allows all users to upload files on their server for free, it’s imperative that you are aware that there is a limitation for free accounts, especially for files that violate the provider’s terms of use and potentially malicious files. For this reason, it’s essential for every user to read the provider’s terms of use before uploading any data to ensure you have not violated any TOS.

Premium Benefits

Let’s check out some of the bells and whistles that accompany a premium account:

Max upload file size - Filefox allows free account users to upload any file about 2048 MB on their server, which might be sufficient for people who often deal with less file size, such as documents, pictures, etc. However, the provider allows premium account users to upload a file about 10240 MB, which more than enough for professional and personal users.

Storage Space - This is one part that should compel anyone to upgrade from free to premium accounts. On Filefox.cc free account do not enjoy the luxury of unlimited storage space, unlike premium account users who can upload as many as possible without dealing with limited storage space.

Download Speed - To enjoy an unbeatable speed, you may have to upgrade to a premium account, as free account come with a limited download speed. While free account’s download speed can be enough for downloading pictures, music, etc. without staying up all night, large files can take a lot of hours, which is time wasting,

Parallel Downloads - Another feature that should prompt everyone to opt for a premium account. Free account users are limited to one download at a time, which will definitely be time-consuming, especially if you have to download over hundreds of files. Fortunately, premium account users are allowed to download ten files at a time without interruption. Bear in mind, that you will be downloading at a very high speed.

No Download Delay - Aside from all the limitation discussed above, this is another limitation that can get on your nerves. Free account users have to wait for a couple of seconds before they can be able to proceed with the download. This can be really annoying if you have to download several files and time isn’t on your side. However, premium account users don’t have to wait a bit to get their data downloading with unbeatable speed.

Files Duration - If you are planning to use this cloud storage service for professional and personal use for a long time, then upgrading to a premium account can be your best shot. Files uploaded by a free account user are removed from Filefox server after 14 days, which may be perfect for people looking to take advantage of the cloud storage service for a while. Premium users can keep their files for up to 120 days before getting removed from the server.

No Ads - This benefit isn’t for all users. Free account is made to watch ads during the few seconds of delay before being able to download the files. But, with premium accounts, you don't have to pull up with these ads which sometimes isn’t fun, and informative at all.

No Download Captcha - Last, but not the least, free accounts have to solve captchas before they can proceed with their downloads. Sounds like a simple task to do for free service, right? It’s possible until you have to download dozens of files. This where having premium account seems beneficial, as you don't have to solve any captcha before downloading your files.

Filefox.cc Review - Final Conclusion

There you’ve it; the above information is just a fraction of what you should expect from this cloud service provider. We hope the information will help you make a better decision, as to which provider you should trust and opt for.

In short, Filefox have proven to be an excellent cloud storage provider offering several features that could great for both personal and professional uses. Besides, its security is up to par, which means you don't have to worry about other people having access to your files or losing them.

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