Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Hitfile.net premium account - An Unbiased Review

In the past, the only means of storing data and files is through a diskette or CD. The 20th century features some advanced means of storing files such as hard drives, flash drive, and others. But with the advancement in technology, the way of storing data got easier and convenient.

Today, all you have to do is upload your essential files and data online and access them whenever the need arises. Unlike flash drives or hard drives, you don't have to be bothered about these data getting corrupted.

Here's the best part: sharing your files could not be any easier than this. Cloud-storage makes it easier to upload, download and share your files with anyone in the world.

A Quick Overview of Hitfile.net

Hitfile is a cloud-based solution offering a high assurance of file safety. Hitfile is designed to store your sensitive data or files on their server with maximum security and fewer chances of getting stolen. Whether these files are business cards, personal memos, and the like, accessing them poses no challenges.

Hitfile.net allows you to store any information when you want to, and share with friends, family or colleagues without running into any issues at all. Coming in no surprise, this cloud hosting provider is becoming more popular as of late. That'sThat's not all: this provider also users to store files up to 100 GB and 4 GB for premium and free account respectively.

Hitfile.net Review - Free Vs Premium

Hitfile offers two account types - premium and free account with amazing benefits. Registering with this file hosting service means you are a free user restricted from some exclusive benefits meant for premium account members.

Without further ado, let's take a proper review of both account types offered by Hitfile cloud hosting service:

Download Speed
When it comes to the internet, everyone is concerned about how fast they can receive or send data without delay. This file hosting provider offers unbeatable download speed for high-speed upload and downloads for premium members. In fact, with a hitfile.net premium account, you can easily download a 1 GB file size without running into issues from time to time.
This is an ideal choice for those who every second matter, as it offers almost instant download and upload of files when you have to. Premium account users don't have to wait for hours like free account users, and these tasks get finished early in a couple of minutes.

Parallel Downloads
Free account is not privileged to download more than one file at a time, which can be a waste of your precious time. However, upgrading to a premium account allows you to download up to 25 files at once, therefore saving you the stress of waiting for one file to download before the other.

Number of Downloads Per Day
For individuals taking advantage of the file hosting services to store your sensitive files, this can only mean you are busy with less time to carry a flash drive or hard drive around. Having unlimited download capacity with easy to them anytime anywhere is the way to go. This is what you get from being a member of the Hitfile.net premium account. Being a premium member, you will be able to download up to 25 GB of files per day. Unfortunately, those with free accounts are limited to 5 GB.

Storage Time
As a free account holder, you do not have the luxury of enjoying a lot of storage, unlike premium account users. Hitfile offers premium users as much as 90 days from the last date of download, which is great for those who have a lot to do at the time without worrying about your uploaded files deleted any time soon.

Download Timeout
It'sIt's frustrating to have your download stopped in the middle of a critical task. Usually, the best thing to do in this scenario is to restart from zero. This could really be a test of patience and a total waste of time. Using Hitfile premium account allows users to download your files accordingly without any timeout in between the process.

Captchas are no problem, but having to do that always can be really annoying when it gets in the way always. For premium account users, there's no need to worry about filling the captcha every time you want to download or upload your files.

Continuous download
The cloud storage server can handle multiple downloads, so there's no need to pause your downloads in between. This premium feature helps save more time and upload a heck lot of files. But for free account users, you have to wait for a file to download before downloading the next files completely.

One-Click Download
Nobody wants to spend the whole day downloading or uploading only a couple of files. But with this handy feature "One-click download", you can save time. Unfortunately, a free account user can't ensure this feature; still, you have access to other excellent services by this provider.

Unlimited Storage
When it comes to cloud storage, one of the key benefits is unlimited storage. Both free and premium Hitfile clients enjoy this luxury. Bear in mind that only premium clients enjoy unbeatable download speed, instant download, etc.

The safety of your files is paramount, and this Hitfile takes this to heart. To ensure that your files are not stolen, or access by any unauthorized personnel. As such, Hitfile made sure that your uploaded information is only accessible by individuals who you provide with the links to your files.

Payment Options
Hitfile guarantees the security and privacy of your data. The file-hosting provider accepts the following as a means of payment - Webmoney, Worldwide Resellers, Paysafecard, Bitcoin, PayPal, and Credit Cards.

Premium Plans

For those looking to upgrade to Hitfile.net premium account due to its amazing benefits, here's a plan offered by the file-hosting provider.

In four categories, you should be able to find a plan that works best for you:

  • Basic - 25 Days premium access for 9.95 USD
  • Popular - 70 Days premium access for 24.95 USD
  • Save 15% - 150 Days premium access for 49.95 USD
  • Best Sell - 365 Days premium access for 89.95 USD

Return Policy

If at any point you are satisfied with the service offered by the provider, you can ask for a refund. To obtain either a full or partial refund, you need to contact the support. Unlike other providers in the market, Hitfile.net makes payment within two to three days.

However, the date of payment may exceed two or three days based on your bank and time past from the order. Nevertheless, the maximum date of payment will not 30 days.

Wrapping Things Up

It'sIt's no doubt that cloud-based storage system offers bells and whistles. However, with the wrong provider, it can be really frustrating and a test of patience. Hitfile.net has shown to be a worthy contender in this category.

They offer two account types - free and premium. The free option is a great choice for people looking to store smaller files for a short period, while a premium account is the best choice for people who have to share and protect sensitive files on a daily basis.

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