Sunday, May 31, 2020 Premium Account Review

One of the most important things virtually everyone has today is storage space. Although this device can be invisible or small, it helps you keep your relevant documents, files, precious images and videos.
However, many people sometimes experience loss of some files or documents or the images and videos getting corrupted when the storage device becomes full or damaged.
Thus, if you are using this storage device for personal or commercial use, it is vital to look for a storage device that has a lot of space and can take a lot of files in it with easy accessibility. File hosting providers online are the right choice for you.
One of the best online file hosting providers is where you can keep all your files with the assurance that they are safe and accessible anytime you want them. This article has been written to do to a review of premium account.
Therefore, it would give details information on what is, its advanced feature, why you need to give a try, what to expect in a premium account, what speed you will enjoy with a premium account and how to get a premium.

What is is one of the file hosting providers that you will find online today and which has the capability of providing online storage that is also known as wireless backup capacity. It is a popular file hosting service that allows you to upload, download and even send different files either large or small without any difficulties.
Also, this hosting provider will enable you to upload and share things such as images, music, movies, documents, and others with your family members, friends, and other people who are internet users. With a you can host files, images, videos, audio and flash at the same location.
Another thing that makes this file hosting provider unique is that it is known for a sophisticated uploading and downloading platform and tool for a long period. does not only allow you to access your stored files from anywhere in the world without any difficulties but also make it simple for you to host a full spectrum of data types, ranging from videos, images, audio, flash and so on.
Getting this provider is simple and easy, without any stress. All you need to do is to sign up for their account, provide a well reliable email, password and date of birth in other to keep your account safe. Likewise, you can also sign up for this account on your various social media apps and platforms such as Google Plus, Facebook, or Twitter account.

Advanced Feature

Unlike other file hosting providers, is a cloud storage provider which provide your data storage in a remote file centre. Since it is a cloud storage provider, it allows users to clear up space on their computer and at the same time enlarge their hard drive capacity into virtual space.
Also, this file hosting provider does not select any type of data to be saved on it, and it gives users with the opportunity to store any data on the internet which can be kinds of music, images, excel, spreadsheets, word documents, and others. Another advanced feature of that you would love is that you can store any file size either small or large on it and you can be sure that it would not pose any problem of any sort. allows you to share stored files among your family members and friends without any difficulties, and you do not need to be close with them as you can do this wherever you are in the world.
Although the significant benefit you would derive from this file hosting provider is the remote file hosting, you would be able to enjoy another service such as file sharing and file synchronisation which is known to be a mechanism that allows the users to share files on one device to another easily.
That is, irrespective of the device you are using or sharing too; you will be able to find your stored video, documents, images, and others. Similarly, with this file synchronisation, you can edit any document, images, videos, audios, and so on.

Why you need to give a try is an online file hosting provider that helps you to store up and share data with full backup and accessibility. Thus, apart from this, here are some few reasons that make one of the best file hosting providers available.


One of the reasons you are keeping this file online is to be able to get it wherever and whenever you are. With, you can easily access your files, documents, audios, videos and other online through any means which can be a computer, mobile phone or tablet.
All you just need to do is to sign up into your account with good internet connection are everything you need is just here there with you.

Maximum Safety

Another primary reason which will surely convince you to use has your file hosting provider is that is safe. This provider gives you a 100% safety guaranteed. It is known to provide the highest protection levels and at the same time, make it possible that your files are protected and safe.
With this provider, you need no worries about losing your documents, pictures, and others as it purports that your data are secured.

Use Anytime

As already discussed earlier, this file hosting provide allows users to have full access to their stored files whenever they require it without any difficulty. That is, you can save or share files with your family members and friends at any time of the day as long as you have a reliable internet connection.
At, we do not have time limitation or duration as we work 24/hrs. in a day to make sure that all your stored files are kept safe and are easily shared to any location in the world.

100% Reliable

Another reason that makes an excellent choice for you whenever you are looking for an online file hosting provider is that it is reliable and efficient. That is, at any place you are, and at any time of the day, you can quickly get all your stored files without the problem of losing a particular document or a file becoming corrupt.
Likewise, this provider helps you to save you save up any file size, especially the large files documents, images, videos, audios, and others which you find difficult storing in an ordinary storage device.

Payment methods

You can get your provider today with different payment methods. This allows you to choose a more convenient payment process that you can do without stress. There are options for PayPal, Bank account and many others.

What to expect in a Premium Account

There are numerous benefits you will enjoy using a premium account. Some of these are: premium account allows you to enjoy the unlimited downloading speed without limitation and which helps you to download a large file within in short time.
Also, it allows you to easily resume your interrupted downloads at exactly where it had stopped earlier without the need to begin the downloading from the start, thereby, saving up data for you.
Furthermore, unlike other file hosting providers or basic account where you have unnecessary delays as you have to download files one after the other, premium account allows you to download as many as 8 files at the same time with easiness. Likewise, this premium account has a download volume of about 65Gb in every 2 days.
Besides, this premium account allows you to download your files, upload your files, or share your data without the need if waiting for several seconds before you can go ahead to do these.

What speed will you enjoy with a premium account?

A premium account allows enjoying a download speed as high as 100Mbit/sec. However, you can only enjoy a high level of downloading speed with an excellent downloading channel or platform. Thus, whenever you find out that your service can identify your account, it is advisable that you make sure your browser allows cookies.
At the same time, it is essential to know that any software you are making use of to access your files should not cause any blockage. More importantly, if you are using a premium key you bought from a reseller, you can activate your account to premium by inputting the premium key in the account page.

How to get a Premium Account

Getting a premium account is a simple task, and it does not require a lot of stress or time-wasting. All you need to do is to go to the "premium page" and select the payment method that would be easy and convenient for you to make.
As it has been stated earlier that a premium account comes with a wide variety of payment options which you can use to pay with Paypal, bank transfer, credit card, VISA, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Paysera, GiroPay, SafetyPay, TrustPay, Internet Banking for European countries, OneCard, DotPay, and others.

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