Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Premium Account Review

Time has indeed changed, and almost everyone seems to be looking for a cloud storage provider where users can upload their data of any sizes without a limitation on storage space. That is not the best part: you can conveniently share your large files with anyone anywhere without physically meeting.

Fortunately, there are several cloud storage providers out there offering this type of service. One of the reputable providers is They provide a free and premium account allowing users to upload, download, and share data - music, videos, pdf, documents, etc. signing up on is totally free; however, for those you want to enjoy extra features, then you will have to upgrade your account to premium.

What is is one of the very few providers offering secure online storage. To simply put: it is a free and reliable file hosting services allowing anyone to share, download, store, and manage data uploaded in the system. The best part: these files can be accessed easily on any device anywhere in the world, provided there is an internet.

this service bears a resemblance to a physical hard drive, except it makes use of the internet to store everything on their cloud storage.

Why Should You Use

Indeed, out there are a lot of file hosting providers, but why should anyone be using Just like other top providers, it offers unlimited storage for all your information.

That is not all: it comes with a user-friendly interface that provides users with instant access to all stored data in their account. This includes videos, sites, music, photos, contact information, and lots more.

In simpler terms, this provider offers a number of solutions to meet all your needs. Users have the convenience of accessing their data whenever and wherever the needs arise. Also, it eliminates any worries about your device such as computer crashes, as it ensures all your files are securely saved.

Premium Benefits of

The provider offers two account type - Free and Premium. After signing up, you get a free account with some limitations, which is good for people you plan to use this few times. However, it is advised to upgrade your account to premium to remove all restriction for people needing to this service heavily.

Download speed - this one of the annoying restrictions especially when you have larger files to download. Premium users enjoy top downloading speed allowing large-sized files to get downloaded almost instantly.

Parallel download - this premium benefit may not be an issue if you do not have a lot of files to download. Free accounts are only permitted to download one file at the time, which may be annoying if you have to download about a hundred files. This is one of the reasons to upgrade to premium.

Fast download - during busy server, the providers prioritize premium users by allowing them to enjoy constant high download speed. At this point, free account users may have their download speed uninterrupted.

Download resume - this feature is not supported in the free account. This means if for any reasons your network or download gets interrupted, you will have to restart your download. But, for premium users, all you have to is resume your download.

Support download accelerators - free account does not support download accelerators which make the download pretty slow and time wasting. Upgrading to a premium account allows download accelerators to speed up your download and saves more time.

Ads - while premium users don't have to put up with annoying ads, free accounts will have to deal with this every time you download a file.

System Requirements is very flexible, provided you have a good internet connection, you are good to go. It works wells with any web browsers and operating systems - Mac OS, Windows OS, etc.

Also, the system allows you to upload anything provided you do not violate any of their terms of use. Besides, you will be able to share and upload any kind of data and size, as long as your account still have enough space.

Security and Sharing allows anyone to share their files with friends, family, colleague, and others. To do this, all you have to is give them the link to the data (URL), which provides them with access to the file. Concerning security, this ensures no one can access your files except you give them the link. Also, you don't have to worry about the number of people that can access your uploaded files, as there is no limitation.

Further, the transfer speed is based on what your Internet Service Provider offers. Your security is' priority. They make use of 128-bit encryption of data transfer for all users. Encryption is one of the most effective ways of protecting your files from theft. With encryption, you are sure to have the maximum protection assuring you that no one except you has access to those files.

Tezfiles's Refund Policy

This provider has been offering reliable and reputable services since 2013. They strive to provide their users with both free and premium account users the best service. Unfortunately, minor issues may arise due to one reason or another, which may leave you unsatisfactory, and want a full refund.

The provider offers a full refund provided their service stopped working for more than seven days, or the system could not pay multiple times. They would not offer a full refund if you decided to discontinue. Also, for those who feel the download is slow, dead links, etc. however, ensure you contact them if you encounter any problems with their services.


Overall, it is safe to say that is among the most popular and reliable file hosting providers in the market. It allows users to upload files of any size without compromising your security. Lastly, as you decide a cloud storage provider to use, ensure it provides easy access to your uploaded files, share with anyone anytime and with the maximum protection to ensure your data safety.

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