Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Turbobit Premium Account Review

Everyone has one file or the other to store, which makes them consume more space on your phone or computer. This space problem can be solved using any of the cloud storage providers online. Thanks to the advent of the internet and advancement of technology, we can easily replace our flash drives, hard drives, and other external storage devices into remote, server-based processing and storage - this is called the cloud.

With that said, one of the top providers of this cloud storage providers is turbobit.net.

What is Turbobit.net?

 With Turbobit.net, particularly premium accounts, users are allowed to download and upload several files without running into any issues at all. As a matter of fact, there’s no need to register before you can make use of their services. Instead, you can pull the files into the corresponding data to upload your files. However, there’s a significant problem with using a free account, which makes it consume a lot of time before you can start uploading your files. Besides, the download speed is very low. Also, free accounts are limited to 200MB, but both premium and free accounts get a link immediately your upload is completed, which you can share with your friends and family. Plus, users can easily resume broken downloads, organize and manage your files without having problems all the time.

Why You Should Upgrade to Turbo User

Turbobit.net offers two account plans - free and premium (turbo) user. While users who do not wish to store large files or need this cloud storage service often can be okay with a free account, a premium account is the best if you want to use this service daily.

Download speed - free account users enjoy a regular speed which is perfect for small files; however, large files may require you to opt-in for a premium account to enjoy unbeatable downloading speed.

Instant download - people using a free account deprive you of immediate download, as turbo users enjoy. You may have to wait for a couple of seconds every time you want to download a file.

Accelerators supported - if you have large files to download, being a turbo user allows you to use any download accelerators to boost downloading speed for a blazing result.

No Ads - ads are good, sometimes they are informative, educative and fun, but having to put up with them each time you want to download a file can be frustrating. The worst part is free users can not skip these ads, unlike premium users who use this service without no ads.

Resume aborted downloads - if for any reason your downloading get interrupted, free users will have to start all over, which can be annoying. Upgrading to a premium account saves you from this nightmare. You can resume at the point where your download got interrupted.

Unlimited parallel download - another essential feature that is a must-have for people who are always having a lot of files to download. People with free accounts have to download one after the other, which is ridiculously time-consuming. With a turbo account, you can download multiple files at the same time without interrupting one another downloads.

More Information On Turbobit.net

As mentioned above, using this cloud storage provider does not necessarily require a registration. However, if you love to have a reasonable upload speed, then it’s advisable for you to upgrade from the free account to premium account. Apart from that, with a turbobit.net turbo (premium) account, you stand to enjoy a wide range of benefits.

Although there is yet to be a clear explanation on how turbobit.net protect their clients, they practice several security measures which you can find in their terms and condition page. They state that their services are maintained regularly to help avoid further issues when using this system. Also, it features an SSL connection that makes sure your data are not transferred unauthorized, and the TOS says clearly about the user’s responsibilities. More importantly, the payment options are handled by external service providers ensuring your security.

Ease of Use

When deciding which service provider to use, usability is one of the things to consider, and Turbobit.net offers just that. This provider allows users just to drag and drop the files into their folder marked or the corresponding field to upload your important files. For users you have lots of data to upload, you can easily make use of the uploaded of Turbobit.

Plus, the organization and management are simplified, as users can decide whether to use a private FTP upload or any other. As for users who are yet to register on this system, they are permitted to upload a file of about 200 bytes. As for users who are registered, they enjoy a high upload size of about 100  GB. Plus, it comes with a reseller program that bears a resemblance like an affiliate marketing.

Support and Help

Sadly, this provider is no different from other cloud storage providers available, as users cannot contact their support via call. Instead, all you get an ICQ number between Mon-Sat allowing users to reach them. Also, it has a FAQs section featuring several common questions in two languages - Russian and English. On top of that, they offer extra support like sending a ticket, through which users get a response after a while (usually a couple of days). Unfortunately, TurboBit does not have German support.

Payment Options

They accept a wide range of payment options for convenience - VISA, PayPal, Openbucks, Local Methods, Skrill, Paygarden Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paysafecard, Dotpay, Alipay, Giropay, UnionPay, and many more.

Final Words

Obviously, Turbobit offers a wide range of benefits, like the opportunity to enjoy their cloud storage without having to go through the process of registering an account. That means you can easily share your files with anyone you wish by simply providing them with the URL link. The prices are stated in dollars and come at an affordable price. Plus, they offer a number of payment options.

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