Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Premium Account Review

Irrespective of your walk of life or perhaps you currently in college, you would agree to the fact that you always have one file or the other to keep store somewhere. Hence, with the internet focused on making our lives much more comfortable, there are several file sharing provider where you can securely store up your important documents such as research papers, media, business files, and much more.

A remarkable feature about these file sharing providers is they are actually a reliable platform for storing and securing all your essential files. One of those stable platforms is Uploadgig. This cloud storage provider provides its users with several benefits including unparalleled storage and ease file sharing among your friends and colleagues.

What is

Uploadgig is a trustworthy file sharing and cloud storage platform that allows its customers to upload and download their files, documents, research papers, images, videos, and so forth. The platform is quite easy to use and provides your data with maximum security.

The platform is designed professionally to ensure users don't struggle with making use of this website for storing, downloading and sharing. The site only requires you provide your email address, Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo accounts to get started with the cloud storage platform.

Aside from its easy signup, offers an odd number of packages including a basic package which is entirely free to use without paying a dime. Also, there is a premium account with great features, benefits, and plans to meet everyone's budget.

Uploadgig Premium Benefits

Premium access offers a lot of benefits over the basic plan, which includes a maximum speed of download instead of minimum speed capped at 50 kb/s. Further, premium users don’t have to experience any delay when downloading a stored file like the basic plan with about 60 seconds delay. More so, downloads don’t commence immediately, and you have to wait and watch some annoying ads, which are removed for the premium account. Downloads start immediately with no ads, and you can download as many files as you want at the same time. Premium Account Packages

The providers have ensured that low matter how high or low your budget is; you will find a plan that works for you.

Here is a short review of Uploadgig premium packages:

30-Day Premium Plan - This 30-day premium plan provided by Uploadgig, allows users to take advantage of the exceptional benefits offered associated with only premium accounts. Some of the included benefits to stand to enjoy is downloading multiple files at the same time, no download delay, 100% anonymity, maximum download speed, no ads, direct download and many more for 30 days.

90-Day Premium Plan - This package is one of the most sought-after packages, as it offers you premium access to the platform for 90 days at an affordable price. You will also enjoy the same benefits said in the 30-day package just 60 days longer.

180-Day Premium Plan - Some customers prefer this package as it offers these premium benefits for six months or 180 days and also, it is cost effective.

365-Day Premium Plan - This is the right plan for businesses owners, manager or college student who will need to save or share files for more than six months. Aside from that, it is the most affordable package offered by This premium plan provided by this website is meant for one-year access, which even helps you save more bucks compared to other packages.

More About Uploadgig Premium Plans

The providers allow interested users to start with the basic plan, which is apparently free with limit benefits, and later upgrade to a premium account by choosing a premium package plan. Also, you can on the platform using anything you are comfortable with. Payment Options

This website accepts several payment options to ensure that interest customer doesn’t experience any struggle in paying for premium services.

The platform accepts the following payment options – Visa,, Bitcoin. MasterCard, Yandex money, Cherry Credits, Neosurf, Boleto, Trustpay, Poli, DineroMail, Banamex, and many more.

Uploadgig Refund Policy

The provider has a high level of confidence in the service offered, and, as such, they are offering a worry-free satisfaction guarantee for the first three days after upgrading your account to one of the premium plans. To be eligible for a full refund, not more than two files or 1 Gb must have been download. Review – Security

As mention earlier, uploadgig is one reliable cloud storage provides available to ensure your uploaded files and document is secured. The website promises to treat your data with maximum care, unlike other providers with profit-making agenda. Uploadgig claims to have a high level of security to ensure you don’t lose your files, or get corrupted. Using cutting-edge security, it eliminates worries about your information or document lost or stolen. On this platform, everything is password protected, including your forms of payment and credentials are all encrypted.

Final Words

Our world is continually changing; thanks to the internet. Now, we can mark the end days to carrying a flash drive everywhere you go, because you never can tell when you will need to share a file with your boss, friends or colleague. With the internet alongside cloud storage servers, like, it is possible to do away with the flash drive and have your files ready and available whenever and everything you need them.

Also, you don’t need to more about your privacy, just make sure you properly configure the privacy settings if you will be uploading sensitive information, which you don’t want anyone to be able to access them.

Uploadgig offers a free service immediately you sign up with the providers, but to ensure several benefits, you can easily choose one of the premium plans to upgrade your account from basic to premium for more remarkable benefits. Although with the basic account you enjoy limited benefits including storage, premium offers much more with no annoying ads, maximum cloud storage and much more.

So, if you are looking to try a cloud storage provider, you can give uploadgig a trial; thanks to its risk-free money-back guarantee.

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