Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Premium Account Review

As you might already know, having your data in a free cloud storage account is a disconcerting touch and go experience. Access to your data usually has an expiry date, which means you have to keep uploading the data to maintain its presence in the cloud. On the other hand, when data is deleted by some of these companies, it is actually left in their hands or with the third party handling the storage on their behalf.

Such cloud service providers “get away” with such indecencies because a free cloud services user is not as well protected as is typically promised. You see, there is a general tendency by many free cloud storage companies to oversell the benevolence of their intentions. All this should help clarify why free cloud storage, for all its convenience, is such an unreliable way to store and manage your data online. This is why you should get an premium account to ensure your data remains on the cloud for as long as you want, in the hands of a company you can trust, and with data management options that help you control its access better.

With a free cloud storage account, regardless of the provider, you will get your download speeds throttled, and that’s not the half of it. You will also have to deal with queues and other intentional hitches that can turn your use of cloud storage services into a nightmare. However, an wdupload premium account introduces you to a stress-free world of unlimited and simultaneous downloads among other topnotch features.

When storing data for your business, you will almost certainly need that data available to various departments simultaneously. You won’t pull this off with a free account – far from it – all thanks to bandwidth limitations and other pesky restrictions on free cloud services use. But, with an premium account, you will have as much bandwidth as you need. In fact, you can get bandwidths of up to 1 TB if you actually need this gigantic amount of network capacity. Oh, you can also upload and download files of up to 35 GB at a time!

You will not have the hair-pulling experience of figuring out how services work. To begin with, the file manager is very intuitive and easy to use. With some services, you will not even know whether you have successfully stored your data or not. This is an inconvenience you will not have to suffer when using wdupload services; and with a premium account, you will have additional services such as making your files private, or making them downloadable only once so as to track downloads and so forth.

Other extras you can expect to get with an premium account include: global round-the-clock access to your files, unlimited file sharing with your friends and coworkers, over a dozen payment processing methods, direct links to the stored files, zero ads, reliable customer support, and guaranteed data security.

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